Purpose, Mission, Core Values

“The program has refreshed my understanding of my own strengths and weaknesses as a leader and made me more sensitive to some of the challenges of others in our community and the opportunities to make a difference.”
– LA 41 Graduate
“I feel more confident in my future as a leader and more connected to my community and want to help tackle the issues in our community and contribute in a positive way.”
– LA 40 Graduate
“I am more connected and more committed to my community than I was before. I’ve made some lifelong friends and feel really inspired to know I’m doing work I’m passionate about in a town with folks who are also passionate about their work.”
– LA 41 Graduate


Leadership Asheville exists to foster an equitable, inclusive, and sustainable community for all.


To promote collaborative community leadership and civic responsibility by developing, connecting, and engaging citizens throughout the region to address the challenges and opportunities we face.

Core Values

  • Collaboration
  • Equity and inclusion
  • Innovation and
  • Sustainability

These values guide our behavior, communication and decision-making.

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