Tuition & Financial Assistance


The tuition is two-tiered. For companies and organizations with 25 or more full and part-time employees, the tuition is $2,800. In order to maintain the desired diversity in the class make-up, we do offer a discounted tuition of $2,500 for small businesses, nonprofits, and individuals who are employed in organizations with fewer than 25 full and part-time employees.  With over 140 hours of time invested in the Program, this amounts to a cost of approximately $20 per training hour.

Employee Sponsorships

All applicants are eligible regardless of their own, or their employers,’ abilities to financially support their participation.  Program participant sponsors are expected to support their employees to the best of their ability by giving them time to participate and contributing to tuition.  For-profit, private sector sponsors are encouraged to contribute additional funds to provide financial assistance to those participants who are employed by small nonprofit organizations, public sector entities, or self-employed.

Internal Process

Some corporations/organizations have an internal application process for selecting applicants from their organizations.  Applicants should check with their employers before submitting an application.

Financial Assistance

Selection to the Leadership Asheville Program is made without regard to financial circumstances. Requests for financial assistance are confidential and have no bearing on the selection process. A request is considered only after the Leadership Asheville participant selection process is complete and will not influence consideration of your application.

Financial assistance is provided to those candidates who are accepted into the program and demonstrate financial need that would otherwise prevent participation. If you work for a company or an organization that employs 25 or more people and they are contributing money to your tuition, you are not eligible for financial assistance.

When granted, assistance award amounts are based on need, the number of requests received, and the amount of funds available each year. The average amount of financial assistance is $750. However, Leadership Asheville is working with alumni, friends and supporters to provide two or three full scholarships to each class. These scholarships will be awarded to participants of color from underrepresented communities. Priority for financial assistance is given to participants who are from underrepresented communities, employed by small nonprofit organizations, public sector entities, or are self-employed. Leadership Asheville is committed to equity and diversity and to making its program available to all members of our community.

Applying for Financial Assistance

To be considered for financial assistance, you must complete a financial assistance request form when you complete your application. Please contact us directly for more information.