LA Executive Directors Roundtable

The Leadership Asheville Executive Director Roundtable (LA-EDR) is designed to primarily connect organizations, foster collaboration, and develop leadership capacity in the non-profit sector.

The LA-EDR is a “brave” space for non-profit executives to learn and grow while providing a conduit to peer leaders for support, guidance and collaboration. The group is intentionally kept small so that conversations can remain focused and productive. There is a small fee ($300) for participation in LA-EDR, which primarily goes to cover the expense of lunches for the year. However, if this places an undue burden on the organization, please contact us to discuss other options.

The program runs annually from September through May, and meetings fall on the second Friday of every month. Each meeting lasts for two hours. Meetings are dedicated to personal leadership development, peer support and community orientation, led by a variety of facilitators and community leaders and members of the group. Specific topics will vary and are often set by the group as timely responses to current trends and events.

Past meeting topics have included:

  • Non-profit collaboration in a competitive environment
  • Fundraising
  • Board management  – how to frame roles and manage effective board members
  • Staff retention
  • Volunteer recruitment, management, and retention
  • Realistic self-care and work/life balance for ED’s
  • Creative benefits – how to support staff in meaningful ways
  • The importance of organizational culture
  • Peer development
  • Leadership from the heart
  • Difficult conversations
  • Old-style management methods don’t work – it’s time to get more human
  • Your self-awareness (who you are) affects everyone

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